A Mostra do Filme Marginal

A Mostra do Filme Marginal is an initiative that aims to promote independent productions. It is not competitive, it aims at integration. Its strategy is to use the project as an instrument of diffusion, reflection, encouragement and self-formation and public organisation for popular, authorial and critical cinema. Therefore, they provide space for works that put characters and themes on the screen marginalised by the current socio-political system, outside the commercial axis.

The first edition was held from 15-17 September 2017 at Espaço Outrx, a collective, collaborative and self-managed cultural space in Vila Isabel, in Rio de Janeiro. There were 9 sessions, 38 films shown, as well as workshops and shows.

In 2018, the second edition sought to expand the event to other cities. From 19-23 September, there were exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro and Niterói. From 5-11 November, they occupied the Walter da Silveira Theater in the city of Salvador, a historic cinema of great importance for Bahian audiovisual.

The third took place from 14-22 September 2019 in Rio de Janeiro. In Salvador, the exhibition was held from 4-10 November 2019, in the Walter da Silveira room. As with previous exhibitions, there was no charge for tickets, which A Mostra do Filme Marginal believes will facilitate the access of the population to a quality program.

In 2019 the Exhibition went international. Two sessions were held on 12/15 at the busy cinema La Cref Revival in the city of Paris.

A Mostra do Filme Marginal’s perspective is not commercial, and seeks partnerships to make a quality event.

Website: mostradofilmemarginal.com