Blunt Edge Films

Blunt Edge Films is the creative arm of Operation Emotion and aims to promote equality
within society for those who are marginalised, devalued and without a voice. We have had a
long association with the cooperative movement producing films that speak truth to power,
both here and in Eastern Europe.
Blunt Edge Films involves a range of creative professionals with a background in film
production. Blunt Edge Films provides creative opportunities and the technical knowhow
for men who have been sexually abused to tell their stories using film. We want to shine a
light into the penumbra world of sexual abuse to help prevent and eradicate this serious
problem within society.
Our work with film is about challenging the status quo as part of a wider approach to
making social change happen, by empowering working class communities to speak out.
We know that the stories of ordinary working people often lack opportunity but they are
the most engaging, they are rich in content and are full of inspiration.