Mostra CineTrabalho (Brazilian International Labour Film Festival)

Brazilian International Labour Film Festival

This organisation is no longer active. 

The Mostra CineTrabalho / Brazilian International Labour Film Festival (BILFF) was a university extension activity of the UNESP – São Paulo State University. The event merged the cultural characteristics of a film festival with the academic discipline of social sciences to bring together knowledge and a critical view of the labour world.

The BILFF aimed to honour and support the film-makers whose productions regard working conditions and to provide a forum for appreciative and informed discussion of a wide range of labour issues.

From 2006 the BILFF was organised by the University Extension Programme Tela Crítica with the support of the UNESP Vice-Chancellor for Extension, and was promoted by the Labour Studies Network (RET – Rede de Estudos do Trabalho) and the Globalisation Studies and Research Group.

Each year all films selected were catalogued at the BILFF’s Film Library, which was used for educational and non-commercial purposes by the university extension activities. Furthermore, BILFF screenings were hosted by our partners and volunteers around the country and abroad.