Feminist Media Studio

The Feminist Media Studio critically engages the complexity of representations of gendered and queer social life in differential contexts around the globe. It supports collective and collaborative study, as well as activist, curatorial, and artistic engagements which draw from the political potency and aesthetic experimentation of feminist media practice. Such creative and critical aesthetic engagements are firmly located in the feminist politics of the contemporary moment, an age marked by the proliferation of new media that have radically reconstituted not only the character of visual culture but also its channels of transmission and circulation.

The Feminist Media Studio comprises two platforms:

1. Creation. An Open Studio

The Open Studio provides a space for media production and critical engagement across the genres of media and contemporary art, independent and documentary cinema, public art and performance, popular culture, web-based interventions, and ‘quick and dirty’ media. The Studio will seek to devise aesthetic strategies for exploring gendered subjectivity and sexuality, and for making visible persistent forms of gender-based and sexual oppression and exploitation, attentive to the challenges of working across racial, gendered, class-based, historical and geographical divisions.

2. Circuits. A Research Network

The decentralized, sometimes autonomous, collective, and networked nature of culture production requires academic accounts that are themselves decentralized, collaborative and networked. The Circuits platform builds a research network to foster work in practice-led research, encourage collaborative and co-authored work among feminist scholars, students, artists and activists, and institute a networked infrastructure for virtual, broadcast, and face-to-face encounters.

Website: feministmediastudio.ca