Ciclo de Cine Revolucionario

The Ciclo de Cine Revolucionario culls radical leftist, anti-imperialist, and Marxist cinema from all around the world, subtitling it in Spanish and showing it at free open-air screenings in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. Every screening is accompanied by an introduction and discussion, and there is also a linked biweekly political study group. The aim is to promote political literacy and the critical study of society to arrive at radical analyses of local and global socioeconomic systems in order to organize and change them.



This organisation is no longer active.

/CRONISTAS/ was a digital media collective committed to the production of documentary film and photography for social and political change. It was influenced by the theory and practice of Third Cinema and was dedicated to the resurrection of a new political cinema, built upon a contemporary analysis, that pushed documentary beyond the role of witnessing and into that of a committed actor and part of a strategy for the radical transformation of society.

/CRONISTAS/ was a small group of artists and organizers based in Tijuana, Mexico. They adopted a collective model as a means to reduce costs, increase capabilities and provide mutual support. They were interested in meeting new people and working with those who shared their desires. They offered services in photography, video and new media and welcomed new ideas or collaborations on projects.


Cine Pobre Film Festival (Wellspring of Self Funded Film)

Since 2002, the

Cine Pobre Film Festival (Wellspring of Self Funded Film) has been building bridges based on the belief that film becomes art when its materials are as inexpensive as pencil & paper. Cine Pobre is the 100% cartel-free wellspring of self-funded film. Cine Pobre proves there are more stories in the world, more eccentrics and visionaries, than there is film to capture them. Against all odds, we, the autonomous filmmaker go out with our cameras and a strong sense for justice. Autonomous means self-funded but not short in punch, because we somehow manage to document our world and society’s ills and beauty in compelling stories.

Cine Pobre is a culture jamming grassroots initiative to help advocate self-funded filmmaking while working intellectually off-the-grid. Cine Pobre empowers indie filmmakers by managing an evolving and flexible core platform pledged to sustain a 100% cartel-free intersection of culture and capabilities.