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Indy Film Library is a multi-faceted movie platform for independent filmmakers. Via an annual screening of the best films submitted, hosted in Amsterdam, and a year-round series of digital showcases, it provides soapbox for artists with something to say – helping them to reach distributors and festivals. At the same time, Indy Film Library also supplies trusted reviews of independent content, and advice to fledgling directors looking to hone their craft – a service very few festivals are willing to provide.

As well as the film reviews published on, the site also serves as a hub of conversation for fans, industry experts and academics. It hosts comment and opinion pieces, theoretical writing and interviews across a unique international network of film enthusiasts.


Human Rights Film Network

The Human Rights Film Network (HRFN) is a partnership of 40 independent festivals. Through the network, festivals cooperate in the representation of human rights in moving images. They exchange ideas on how to promote human rights films through festivals, broadcasting and educational programmes. They present films that discuss topical human rights issues and promote the screening of high quality films. They share experiences about the organisation of screenings and debates. They assist the emergence and establishment of new film festivals on a sound and independent basis. As such the HRFN works to foster an international environment conducive to the screening and promotion of human rights films worldwide.