Eyes Infinite Films

The Eyes Infinite Foundation is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization dedicated to documenting the relationship between creativity and social change. The Foundation was responsible for the production of twelve original short documentaries made in Israel and Palestine between the years of 2004 and 2008. The Foundation has teamed up with Misfit Media to bring Eyes Infinite’s focus to include artists and projects within the United States of America as well.

Website: eyesinfinite.com

Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival

Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival

The Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival in Gaza festival presents short and long feature films, documentaries and animation films, that shed the light on local and global humanitarian issues.  The first edition took place in May 2015.

Amid the rubble of Gaza City’s Shijaiyah district, an area that was heavily bombarded during the 2014 summer’s war between Israeli forces and Hamas militants in the crammed enclave, the organisers rolled a 60 meters long red carpet.

It is the first festival in Gaza that focuses on human rights issues, with films and discussions on Palestine but also on other regions of the world. The festival was held in cooperation with Karama Film Festival in Jordan.

“The people of Shijaiyah still don’t have homes until today, and this festival is a message to everyone to think of them as human beings,” said Khalil al-Mozayen, festival director. “I want the festival to send a message to the whole world that people of Gaza deserve life — that they love life and seek peace.”

Website: lama-film.com

Palestinian Social Cinema Arts Association

The PSCAA was established in February 2008, and as of 2009 is an officially registered NGO in Palestine. Its main objective is to develop Palestinian cinema through three main projects; Palestinian Mobile Cinema, Annual Film Festivals and Open Air Cinemas. Our vision is based on an understanding and a need to use cinema arts as a social tool for social change and development. In addition to bringing cinema to the general public, our projects focus on training youth and creating opportunities for professionals in the media arts and film production industry in Palestine.

The Palestinian Social Cinema Arts Association (PSCAA) believes in the importance of cinema as a means to develop youth and spread the culture of non-violence, tolerance and reconciliation. Cinema is a unique form because it is able to transcend illiteracy; therefore it can be easily viewed and digested by everyone, regardless of age or education. This is particularly relevant to the isolated villages and camps that we have been serving since 2008.

Website: pscaa.wordpress.com