Film Free & Easy

We are an undefined group of artists who use moving image in a myriad of ways. Our Film Free and Easy events call for a casual, DIY, no snobbery approach to making and showing work and helping others to do the same, acting as a catalyst rather than an end point.

Film comes in many forms. HD Video, 8mm and 16mm film, mobile phone movies, shorts, slides, VHS, live performances, television programmes and archive footage…

We welcome everything that is brought along. We don’t select and reject and make no claim over what is of lesser or greater value – each event is a unique and unpredictable mixture rather than a sorted and curated screening.

We want all contributors to be there as we see each one as integral and active within every event.

You and your failures, triumphs, curiosities, and experiments form a melting pot of material we want to look at, talk about and learn from.

So bring your films, your set-up and yourself and keep it Free & Easy.