From traveling cinema to educational workshops and seminars, Moviemiento is a cultural non-profit organisation that brings people together in an open and accessible environment.

With a passion for travel and connecting with others, Moviemiento organises international projects in cooperation with local organisations. They work towards building bridges between people and cultures and promoting meaningful dialogue on socially relevant issues. Film is most likely the medium of choice to explore new and exciting ways to promote discussion and exchange.

Moviemiento’s projects take them all around Germany, to different countries, and even to other continents, and will last somewhere between a few weeks and a few months.

Moviemiento is non-profit. It is run by a group of impassioned volunteers hailing from various countries. They reap the fruits of our labour of love through the people we meet, the knowledge we exchange, and the happiness we experience by sharing something fantastic with others.

From filmmakers and videographers to designers, educators and project managers, Moviemiento brings the best of all fields together to organise actions that are creative, beautiful, and valuable for everyone involved.

Through dozens of regional and international initiatives, they have built an intercultural network based on friendship – and continue to grow our community with each project: from kids to adults, individuals to professionals, trainers and teachers, participants to spontaneous passers-by.