Leftvision.de produces reports, short documentaries, debate formats and trailers on various topics from the perspective and to support the social movements. Its commitment is based on the conviction that the growing right-wing public must also be opposed to a strong critical counterpart on the web, through whom socially critical, anti-racist and anti-neoliberal convictions in connection with social movements can become effective.

Leftvision’s focus is on the existence, traditions and consequences of interlocking structures of rule, systematic relationships and social justice. However, it does not want to stand still when presenting and describing problems, but rather always show the developments and possibilities of resistance and protest in solidarity.

It is not about repeating social or journalistic general places in the usual market-like formats of the established mass media. Rather, Leftvision decides free of market constraints according to content criteria, what it produces and without throwing basic journalistic principles overboard. Leftvision strives for audio-visual quality that corresponds to modern viewing habits and that it describes as semi-professional. It gives the opportunity to reach a wide audience without giving up the right to a critical visual language.

Website: leftvision.de