Mayakov+sky Platform

Mayakov+sky Platform is an anarchist/autonomist collaborative rubric working in the fields/poetics of filmmaking/photography and music, architectural design and anarchist theory, and participating as an active member in the multifarious struggles against capital, that are unfolding in Chochenyo Ohlone land (Oakland) and the Bay Area at large.

Some of the films made by the Platform include:

LOS 33 Y ELLA: A decolonizing, experimental documentary, inspired by the incident with the 33 miners in Chile, written and performed collectively in the languages Nawat (Pipil), Quechua and Spanish.

THE CHILDREN REVOLTS: A poetic documentary that chronicles the occupation (that the Platform was also part of) of a space, that was once a free school for Black and Brown youth called Emiliano Zapata Street Academy High School and the struggles for free public education in Oakland through the lens of this autonomous space and its remarkable architectural metamorphosis into a 24-hour library and community garden that we lovingly named Biblioteca Popular Victor Martinez as an homage to the Chicano poet.

Mayakov+sky Platform films have been screened at the Emma Goldman Anarchist Film Festival (NYC Anarchist Book), Festival De Films Anarchistes (Projections Insurgées) in Montreal and various anarchist spaces in Greece and the Bay Area.

The Platform has performed as a duo or trio in the Bay Area and abroad and in the fall of 2019 it performed, first time as a free jazz quartet at the conference Unit Structures: The Art of Cecil Taylor that was organized by The Graduate Center and the Hitchcock Institute for the Study of American Music at Brooklyn College, City University of New York.