Mov(i)e Activism

Mov(i)e Activism is a travelling documentary film festival that wants to get in touch with local communities to create an opportunity to explore some of the most current social, political, economic, and environmental issues, spark meaningful dialogue as well as inspire change. By using documentary films as a platform for underrepresented activist groups and filmmakers, the festival caravan aims to showcase practical examples related to different forms of activism from around the world.

Mov(i)e Activism is a completely DIY and non-profit film festival. All the persons involved in the organisation of Mov(i)e Activism are doing it for the sake of the cause and are investing their own resources. The financial help that this documentary film festival gets, which is coming solely through private donations and a symbolic $1 movies submission fee, is being used to organise festival events or support activists and their causes. Everything else is the result of a true passion and a great cooperation between the festival and filmmakers, cultural centres, cultural organisations, associations, and activists.