OtherZine is the ’zine manifestation of Other Cinema, microcinema par excellence for experimental film, video, and performance currently located in Mission district of San Francisco. OtherZine publishes two times yearly – Spring and Fall – in conjunction with Other Cinema’s season.

Whether avant-garde or engagé, OtherZine’s emphasis is on the radical subjectivities and sub-cultural sensibilities that find expression in marginalized cinematic genres, media-archaeological forays, urban interdisciplinary intersections of art and technology and original intermedia hybrids.

OtherZine encourages artists’ projects and cinema-related writings that critique, support, influence and produce high levels of artistic experimentation: media-culture essays, articles, interviews, reviews (art,books, films, media, events), rants, videos, illustrations, images, and other articulated brainstorms!

Website: activedistribution.org