A “street TV” which, since 1998, has been accompanying, supporting, making, screening and distributing films in a rebellious, supportive and non-commercial way.

Primitivi is a local news medium that tells the story, relays it and brings people together, alongside those who are fighting for a Marseilles which is bubbling, indomitable and mixed.
Primitivi is a media that travels, to take our experience with us and bring back others.

Every year we produce several dozen short video chronicles that participate, in their modest way, in the writing of a reality, in the archiving of a popular memory, in a narrative of counter-propaganda against the liberal steamroller. Proposals to emancipate, to unveil imaginations, to support critical attempts at political and artistic expression.

We produce, with little means but with determination, long films that take the time to expose, deconstruct, argue, travel and make people talk.
We organise events and create situations to stay in touch: screenings in the warmth or in the open air, wall collages, crossovers and experiments with theatre, poetry, music, graphic design or street demonstrations, because the City is ours, and we have to use it to keep it.

Primitivi also seeks to put some theory into practice. Following in the footsteps of our fellow architects of Echelle inconnue, we have chosen to call “Doctorat Sauvage” an action-research device that questions and challenges our practices, our forms and those of our friends, in order to lay the foundations of a popular tele//vision.