1968 Festival.


1st May – 7th July 2018   |  Everywhere

A festival inspired by ‘1968’ and organised by the Radical Film Network.

Taking the radical uprisings and revolutionary fervour of this rare and volatile year as a source of inspiration, the festival examines the legacy of the events of 1968 through an international programme of films, workshops, discussion and social events.

It adopts a de-centred, participatory model that allows all of the voices to speak, and as the festival reflects upon the messy dialectics of the past, it also aims to shape new, radical futures.

The working model of the festival is devolved, decentred and autonomous, not completely non-hierarchical, in that there is some co-ordination involved, but it invites the huge number of different individuals, organisations, political and activist groups to respond in their own way to the 50th anniversary of this potent political ‘moment’ in the popular imagination, by creating their own events under the banner of the RFN.

Get involved!

We invite you to consider what 1968 could mean to you and your community, and to use it as a jumping off point: a way to take stock of where we are now, and where we might want to be by 2068.

Did the hopes and aspirations of 50 years ago bed into the values of the society we live today, or fade like a false dawn? Are there lessons to be learned still from the radical achievements and failures of 1968? Does our world seem as motivated and engaged, or suffer in the comparison?

Download the most recent call for participants here.

You can upload your event, whenever you are ready, via the online submission form.

Download some open-access festival graphics and logos from here.

For more information or to suggest an idea, please contact Laura at lifflaura@riseup.net


5th March 2018

We can now confirm that Flatpack festival are going to kick off the RFN68 proceedings at their festival in Birmingham, in April.


There will be an RFN meet-up in the afternoon on Saturday 14th April at the Custard Factory, with a social event and details of the programme, plus panel discussion / presentations from participants.

RSVP via Eventbrite here.

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Download the 1st call for participants here.