Serious Feather

Established in 2005 by Brett Gregory, a former Film and Cultural Studies lecturer, Serious Feather is an award winning independent media production team based in Manchester (UK). With only three permanent members our portfolio is impressive in that it includes a feature film, two feature documentaries, music videos, commercial video promos, short dramas and charity/community promos.

As an organisation with strong working class roots we enjoy operating outside of, and without the permission of, traditional institutions such as the BFI and FilmHub North. By taking the time and making the effort to fund our own projects we enjoy challenging accepted authority and the prevailing status quo both ideologically and practically.

For example, we regularly provide opportunities for those who don’t usually have a platform of their own such as unemployed graduates, unfunded creatives, small businesses, charitable groups, at-risk individuals etc.

Our values have grown over the years only because of an ongoing and unwavering belief in the freedom of ideas and expression. As a consequence, we cherish and continue to strive towards open-mindedness, tolerance, learning, critical thinking, knowledge, practical skills, experimentation, self-awareness, self-determination, self-discipline, inclusivity, diversity, aspiration and achievement.