London International Labour Film Festival

As one of the few examples of labour film festivals around the world, London International Labour Film Festival was launched in 2010. Boasting a rich collection of films depicting the struggle of the working class around the world, London International Labour Film Festival promotes the point of view of workers and shares the stories of working class people’s lives and their struggles via labour films. It also tries to stimulate filmmakers to make films about ordinary people’s lives and social struggles.

We consider the context of labour film in a large context where it is possible to find the stories of all oppressed people (workers, unemployed people, women, oppressed etnical and sexual groups, farmers, etc…). The festival is free of charge for everyone and there is no competition or award for films.

The festival has also been held in London since 2010. The festival is organized by Socialist Women’s Union, ROJ Women’s Association, Democratic Women Movement in Europe, Refugee Workers’ Cultural Association, Kurdish Community Center, Turkish Education Group, Hundred Flowers Cultural Center, Hackney TUC, Halkevi, Reel News, Young Struggle.