The Cube

The Cube is a Microplex Cinema, Arts venue, adult creche and progressive social wellbeing enterprise in Central Bristol, England. It was formed in 1998 by 4 artists who had no idea what they were getting into. Idealists, amateurs, fools, material positivists, stilt walkers, film directors, screen writers, occultists. But not even running illegal cinema speakeasy events in Bristol could prepare them for the monster they gave birth to one cold and rainy October evening in 1998.

Our volunteers work hard at presenting cinema, music, cabaret, discussions, amateur film-makers nights, children’s events, performance art, comedy and other events that can’t easily be categorized. The money we make from these events funds the organisation. We get no external funding. We are truly independent.

We aim to offer alternatives and make a difference – in our programming and in the way we trade. We don’t sell Coca Cola – we make our own recipe cola. We don’t serve Nescafe – we ship feral trade coffee from Central America. We have sent volunteers to Haiti to screen films for earthquake survivors. We provide an internet server for Kingsdown. We are the cheapest cinema in town and always will be and if you’re an asylum seeker you can come in for free.