WITNESS is the global leader in human rights video, working side-by-side with local communities to harness the power of video and technology in the fight for justice. Activists have used video to garner awareness and more: to document evidence of war crimes, change discriminatory laws, secure justice for survivors of gender-based violence, and protect indigenous lands against extractive industries.

Since WITNESS’s founding in 1992, its story has been one of ceaseless innovation. In partnership with activists, tech companies, civil rights lawyers, communities, and non-governmental organizations, it has dedicated itself to maximizing the potential of the 21st century’s most powerful tools for defending human rights.

After 25 years of building networks and alliances, WITNESS is the hub of a diverse, global community, with collaboration at its heart. Partners have used its techniques, resources, and technology to help secure a warlord’s conviction at the International Criminal Court; to expose sectarian violence, sex trafficking, and forced evictions; and to establish legal protections for some of the world’s most vulnerable people, from trash pickers in Delhi to elderly Americans at risk of financial, emotional, and physical abuse.

WITNESS’s online resource library offers comprehensive instruction about how to shoot, edit, preserve and distribute human rights video for maximum impact, much of which is currently available in 24 languages.

Website: witness.org